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How To Spot A Fake Psychic And Avoid Scams?

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Many people turn to psychics when they are faced with challenging problems, the unknown, or just want to see what lies ahead for them. While there are many legit psychics to choose from, there are also a number of fake psychics who resort to using psychic scams to get your money. There are some telltale signs, however, that can alert you to a psychic who isn’t what they say they are.

Spotting Fake Psychics

As I mentioned, there are some truly gifted, legit inexpensive psychics who honestly want to help people. But how do you tell the good ones from the fake psychics? Here are a few things to look for.

Stringing you along:

One tactic a fake psychic will use is to make vague claims that leave you wanting more information. The scenario usually goes like this; They make claims that will get your curiosity but not tell you more unless you pay more money for their information. Some of the claims and tactics used are:

1)Telling you that your problems are linked to a past life, then telling you they can reveal more if you buy an advanced reading or service.

2)Making claims that their psychic gifts were inherited from a long line of psychic ancestors

3)Telling you that you are under the influence of black magic and then offering their services to dispel the curse.

4)Telling you that you have an extraordinary energy, gift, or aura that they have never come across before.

5)Claiming they know a way to make an ex come back to you

6)Claiming their predictions are always 100% true

7)Telling you someone who has passed over is trying to connect with you

8)Claiming they see love and money in your future and that you can only achieve these things with their help.

Using fear to keep you hooked

Some psychics will try to use fear tactics to get a client hooked and coming back for more. Legit psychics will never resort to this kind of deception, however, fake psychics have one priority and that is to keep getting you to pay money. They will claim the road ahead is a precarious one and that you need their guidance to navigate this treacherous road ahead.

Telling you what you want to hear

A fake psychic knows what most people are going to ask about. Women tend to ask about their love life more times than not. Men tend to ask about business and money. To keep you coming back, a fake psychic will tell you what you want to hear, such as an ex is coming back, or a business prospect will make you rich, but you need their help to achieve this.

Surrounded by dark energy

Claiming that you are surrounded by an evil or dark energy is one of the oldest psychic scams you will come across. They could go even further by telling you it’s your whole family that is cursed. It’s another type of fear tactic that fraudulent psychics use in order to get more information from you that they can then use to further scam you with.

Digging for information

If a psychic keeps asking you one question after another, it is usually because they are trying to get as much information from you as possible in order to make predictions that sound real. Be aware if a psychic asks you leading questions that are meant to get you to reveal more about yourself. In some cases, they will fish for information by giving you vague information, such as telling you they are picking up on someone with a specific initial, and then trying to make that fit should they be wrong.

Mainly, they are trying to get an idea about your current situation so that they can play on your fears or problems.

How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Scams

Knowing where to look for legit psychics will help you in avoiding these scam tactics. Legitimate psychic networks, for example, will use testing to make sure the psychics that work for them are legitimate and honest. Do a bit of research before using their services. Stay clear of any psychic who uses the tactics we’ve talked about, so you don’t waste time and money on information that is useless to you.